EXALT's MKM PARK ( earlier Known as Mohan Kumar Mangalam Park )

MKM Park .. Known as Mohan Kumar Mangalam Park Located at the Heart of the City on Priyadarshini Indira Sarani of Durgapur Steel Township having Postal Service from Durgapur - 713 205. The Area of the Compound is 80 Acres with 10 Acres ( approx.) Water Body therein. A Place with Natural Beauty Comprising of Jungle, Hillocks and Lakes. Around Six Kilometers Pathway inside for Moving-around & to Breath in the Greens. The Park was initially Created by Durgapur Steel Plant ( DSP ) during Mid-Eighties, the good Old Days of DSP and it was named in the Name of the First Steel Minister of India, Late Mohan Kumar Mangalam. Initially, the Park used to be Maintained by DSP but in-course, due to certain In-house Constraints, the same Care to the Park could not be Imparted by the Authority. Obviously, due to the Non-maintenance of the Park, the Situation, Status & the Ambience Changed inside and it became a Den for all sorts of Unsocial Activities. Observations Started Flowing-in to the Authority of DSP from its own Employees, Political Parties, Intellectuals around and also from the Local Administrative Authorities. DSP Authority could Appreciate the Situation and Felt the Urge to take some Actions for the Revival of the MKM Park. Venturing all Possibilities, DSP had Decided to License-out the said Park to Private Entrepreneur for Renovation, Development, Maintenance and Operation of the said Park and in line they have Invited “Expression of Interest” from the Interested Firms and in the same, our Company, EXALT SERVICES Pvt. Ltd. being Successful in the Process, have Taken the Park on License basis for Next 10+5+5 Years from DSP w.e.f. 17th April, 2006. It would not be out of place to Mention that We took Interest to this Project considering the Fact that the said MKM Park is NOT ONLY in the Destinations of West Bengal Tourism Map, RATHER, we did Understand that Venturing such Projects would Earn our small Company the Name & Fame apart from Commercial Benefits.

Our Future Plans

There is still a Long-way to go and there can be so many other Attractive Projects here which are in our Plans and so, Line-up in few Phases. There is no Shame to Accept that Financial  Constraints at our end is definitely the prime Reason why we do Delay to Materialise those Unique Projects of Public Interest & Enjoyment.
Few of Such Possibilities Are :
  • Hilltop Resort
  • Club for Executive Class
  • Tennis & Badminton Court
  • Water Sports
  • Rope Way
  • Banquet & Exhibition Center

Invitation for Project Partners

We Invite & Request “Expression of Interest” from Financially Sound & Interested Parties for the Realisation of Attractive Projects as mentioned or Other with Intra-Relationship in Sharing the Commercial Interests.