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(Distance - 8 km from Pelling, Altitude - 1800 mts)

Gyalshing is the district headquarter of West Sikkim, West Sikkim witnessed the consecration in the wilderness of ‘Chogyal’ or Dharma Raja, the birth of a dynasty and the spread of Buiddhism.

Khangchendzonga Waterfalls


(Distance - 28 km from Pelling.)

The Khanchendzongna waterfall lies 28 km away from Darap en route to Yuksam and 5 km before reaching Yuksam. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sikkim and is normally active throughout the year.Whether is clear,any one can see a clear Rainbow.



(Distance - 120 km from Gangtok.)

Pemayangtse Monastery, the sublime lotus is the premier monastery is Sikkim. It is the oldest monastery here and houses princeless thankas, icons, Buddhist texts, paintings and frescos. Built on the 18th century AD, this monastery follows the Nyingmapa sect of the Tibetan Buddhism. On the top floor of the temple, there lies the Architectural Design of Heaven called the Zangdoplari. It’s a masterpiece art crafted single handedly out of wood by the late Dungzim Rimponche. The walls of this area is hundreds of years old and are orginal and on vegatable paintings.

Sanga choeling

(Distance - 2 km from Pelling)

Built in 1697, Sanga Chooeling means ‘the island of esoteric teaching’. 45 minutes walk from Pelling and 7km from Pemayangtse will take you to this second oldest monastery in Sikkim. A 4 km trail rises from the playing fields just above Pelling to reach the small monastery of Sanga Choeling is one of the oldest gompas in Sikkim. this gompa is another of Lhatsun Chenpo’s creations, and is highly VENERATED among the Nyingmapa. Gutted by fire, it has been rebuilt and houses some of the original clay statues.

Rabdentse Palace


Distance - 4 km from Gyalshing.)

This was the second capital of the erstwhile kingdom of Sikkim after Yuksam and till the year 1814 A.D., the king of Sikkim had ruled the state from this place. Today, the Rabdentse ruins lie hidden from the main road at a walking distance from the tourist lodge and the Pamayangtse monastery. It can be approached by follwoing a footpath which branches off the main road.

Khecheopalri Lake


(Distance - 35 km from Pelling.)

This lake is also known as the wishing lake. this unusually tranquil lake, surrounded by verdant forest is considered as one of the sacred lakes of Sikkim both by the Buddhist and the Hindus and no water sport or other activities besides prayers are allowed around it. It is believed that birds do not permit even a single leaf to float on the lake surface. The vicinity of the lake is an ideal place to find the Lapcha Houses and their communities.

Rinchenpong / Kaluk


(Distance - 25 km from Pelling) Altitude - 5057 ft.)

Rinchenpong is the latest addition to the tourist map of West Sikkim. The place is famous for the beautiful view of the Kanchendzonga range of mountains. Apart from the natural beauty of the surroundings, the place is also quite significant from historical point of view.

Sinsore Bridge


(Distance - 26 km from Pelling)

Singshore Bridge, a 198 metre suspension bridge is located at a short distance of 26 km from Pelling. It is also the highest bridge of Sikkim and second highest gorge bridge in Asia. The Singshore Bridge was built 16 years ago by connecting two hills. It is situated 25 km away from Pemayangtse Monastery.